The fight with COVID-19

My dad contacted COVID-19 while working in the office. We all knew that it is hard to avoid COVID-19 when you are working out in the field. Anyway, I will be tracking all the incidents related to the COVID-19 experience of my family and mine.

Day: -05

He experiences slight irritation in his throat and coughs often. He consulted a doctor who owns a local clinic. The doctor suggests that the cough could be due to a change in the weather. It is common in my family to experience cold and cough when there is a sudden change in weather (or temperature).

A 5 days dose of antibiotic and vitamins were given to him.

Day: -01

The cough persisted followed by loss of smell and excessive sweating. Sweating could be due to the medicines he was taking. But the loss of smell was a symptom of COVID-19.

He gets himself tested for COVID-19 in the nearby fever-clinic.

Day 00

We did not follow any social distancing at home. Idiotically assuming that it is not COVID-19 so none of us forced anyone for isolation as well.

In the evening the SMS for the test comes as POSITIVE. We did not panic but started following social distancing with each other because some people in the the family are at high risk due to age and other factors.

Day 01

The Arogya Setu app turns RED (infected) for my dad and it turns ORANGE for other members saying HIGH RISK because of contact with an infected person. The app also suggested us to get tested ASAP.

Arogya Setu infected

In the morning, we got a call from various officials who work at the hospital, COVID centric departments, and police station. My dad was asked to provide information and phone numbers of people who were in contact with him for the past 10 days. After that, the officials assured that someone would call again for further instructions.

Around 9 AM, a lady comes and inquires about the COVID positive patient. She also pasted a poster outside my house which informs people about an infected person inside my home.

She is posted outside our house to make sure nobody visits my home and nobody from inside the house goes anywhere. She told me that behind every infected person (or every infected house/family) 7 people are working.

The officials were prompt and work round the clock to give special attention to every patient. On the call, they asked us if home quarantine is possible, since we have shared washrooms, no room to isolate, and given the other family members with the high risk we asked them if they can provide a bed in a hospital.

Around 10 PM the ambulance came to take him to a Govt. COVID hospital. Where he had a CT scan, X-RAY, and blood sample collected. Medicines and dinner was also provided.

On the same day, my other family members and I got ourselves tested for COVID. I’m still waiting for the result.

Day 02

I received a few pictures from inside the COVID hospital and my family member informed me that the hospital is taking good care of the patients. The health professionals are working hard. The sanitation workers are doing their job properly. He is also provided with food and snacks. I hope he recovers ASAP.

Bed Food

At home, we have to wait for the next 2-3 days to get our COVID-19 test report. The report might get delayed due to a Sunday in between. I feel a bit of irritation in my throat. Apart from that everything seems fine.

Day 03

We are still waiting for the test results. My dad is slowly getting his sense of smell back. Now he can smell sanitizer a bit. He still had some cough but feels better than before.

At home my mother and I are cautious. We are maintaining social distancing, washing hands excessively and sanitizing the common items in the household. The lady who was stationed outside my home cannot be seen anywhere. I think once my father was shifted to the hospital, she is no more required to keep watch my house.

I keep doing the smell test with my mother to make sure if any of us are showing any early COVID symptoms. She started losing a bit of smelling ability but we were not sure if that is true or it was in our head.

Day 04

My mother got a phone call from Chief Medical and Health Officer(CMHO) informing her that she has tested positive and her son is tested negative. He inquired about the symptoms and her prior health issues. He suggested her to get admitted to a COVID hospital today itself.

Later we got calls from the SDM office, a doctor (who would send a screening team), and police station. The screening team asked for our address but never showed up.

We packed the bags to get ready for the hospital. I observed that my mother started showing loss of smell symptom. The ambulance came in the evening and she reached the hospital in an hour. Both my mom and dad are kept in the same hall. She also had an X-RAY, CT scan and gave a blood sample. Proper food, facilities, and medicines are provided.

I’m tested negative but I lived with my COVID positive mother for four days. So, there is a chance of me catching the virus in these four days. I’m not going outside to buy groceries instead, I order them online.

Day 05

My throat is sore but I don’t see any other symptom. I can still smell things. My parents are doing fine and taking rest.

Day 06

Soon to be updated